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M'healthy Spa & Apartment

Located at 7/14 Luu Quang Thuan Da Nang, M'Healthy Spa & Apartment is one of the most visited spa favorites in the city.




    • If you make an appointment at least 60 minutes in advance, all customers will receive one of the following offers:

      - 10% discount on all treatments of 60 minutes or more.

      - Free 2-way shuttle within 5km return.

    • If you make an appointment at least 1 day in advance, all customers will receive both of the above promotions.

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    Benefits of Swedish Massage Therapy

    Swedish massage was developed in the 19th century as a comprehensive system of therapy aimed at improving circulation, relieve muscular tension and promote relaxation. With further development and studies on the benefits of Swedish massage therapy, we know much more about its effects and suitable applications today.

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    Da Lat is known as a poetic city located in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Many people, especially young people, are fascinated by the natural landscape and the countless colorful flowers gathered here, along with the extremely cool and fresh climate, Da Lat is a destination loved by many people. Everyone wants to visit there once in their life. Along with that, Da Lat is also famous for the most prestigious and quality spa massage service paradise. You can enjoy many different types of massage services combined with steam bath and herbal foot bath. Let's learn more about 10 reputable and quality massage places in Da Lat below!

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    Foot Massage and Detoxifying Foot Soak

    In daily life, sometimes we have unintentionally forgotten the importance of our feet, only when you feel pain and aching feet will you pay attention to your feet by getting a foot massage. Foot massage is a method that will help you relieve pain quickly.

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    Foot Massage Na Nang - M'healthy Spa & ApartmentSpa

    Foot massage is a method of treatment, care and protection for your feet. With massage movements, pressing on the acupoints in the legs helps relieve aches and pains, stress after tired working hours, making the spirit refreshed and relaxed. At M'healthy Spa & ApartmentSpa, the "Foot Massage" course is the most unique treatment in Da nang today, helping you to recover health, dispel foot pain right after you use the course of treatment.

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