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Foot Massage Na Nang - M'healthy Spa & ApartmentSpa

Foot massage is a method of treatment, care and protection for your feet. With massage movements, pressing on the acupoints in the legs helps relieve aches and pains, stress after tired working hours, making the spirit refreshed and relaxed. At M'healthy Spa & ApartmentSpa, the "Foot Massage" course is the most unique treatment in Da nang today, helping you to recover health, dispel foot pain right after you use the course of treatment.

Foot Massage at M'healthy Spa & ApartmentSpa brings a lot of benefits to your feet, let's find out more.

foot massage

Foot massage

The great benefits of Foot Massage

According to experts in traditional medicine, there are many extremely important acupuncture points that greatly affect our health under the feet. Therefore, regular and accurate foot massage can help keep feet healthy, help cure diseases with positive results.

  • Foot massage to cure neck and shoulder pain

Foot massage helps the patient to have good blood circulation, effectively relaxes the bones, increases the mobility of the neck, shoulders, and helps reduce pain and fatigue.

  • Foot massage cures headaches

If you feel a headache, massage the tips of your toes, this is a direct way to stimulate the brain when massaging acupressure points in the toes will cause the nerves on the brain to be dilated, helping to reduce pain. Instant start, it is very good health improvement.

  • Foot massage helps to have a good night's sleep

Foot massage before going to bed is extremely good for the elderly, when the foot massage will help blood circulation easily, bring a pleasant feeling of relaxation, making the elderly can go to sleep quickly and deeper.

  • Foot massage cures stomach pain

According to research experts, patients with stomach pain, besides eating scientifically on time, should combine with regular foot massage, through acupressure massage movements in the feet for better treatment support. If treatment is persevered and done correctly, it will definitely bring very good results.

  • Foot massage helps balance blood pressure

Massage, acupressure for foot massage will help people with high blood pressure feel comfortable, and mentally relaxed, helping to adjust blood pressure to suit their physical condition, without causing a sudden increase in blood pressure.

  • Foot massage helps relieve joint pain

Foot massage helps activate the nervous system, producing endorphins that create a feeling of relaxation to the brain, helping the brain to transmit positive emotions, improving a good mood to reduce pain.

Consultation process for using foot massage service M'healthy Spa & ApartmentSpa

Step 1: Spa reception advises and invites you to have tea

Step 2: You take a quick quiz on your health paper

Step 3: Please go to the changing room and put away your belongings

Step 4: Sauna

Step 5: Foot Massage 60 - 90 minutes

Step 6: You change clothes (you can take a white bath)

End : We invite you to have a light meal according to the daily menu of M'healthy Spa & ApartmentSpa


Through the article mentioned, M'healthy Spa & ApartmentSpa hopes to bring you a lot of knowledge and benefits of foot massage. With the unique combination of M'healthy Spa & ApartmentSpa Da Nang will surely bring you a lot of satisfaction and surprise, because the existing benefits are multiplied many times thanks to this perfect combination.