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Foot Massage and Detoxifying Foot Soak

In daily life, sometimes we have unintentionally forgotten the importance of our feet, only when you feel pain and aching feet will you pay attention to your feet by getting a foot massage. Foot massage is a method that will help you relieve pain quickly.

What is foot massage?

Foot massage is a massage method that focuses mainly on your legs and feet area. Foot massage will be performed using pressure and gentle massage techniques on the muscles, bowstrings and acupuncture points under the soles of the feet. Thereby awakening circulatory muscle groups in the legs and body, to enhance activities and balance the muscles in your body.

Foot massage is a physical therapy method

Foot massage is usually performed by hand and acupressure massage techniques on the feet, it is performed in a quiet and relaxing space at a professional spa which will bring you wonderful moments of relaxation.

How many types of foot massage are there?

Usually there are 3 types of foot massage most used

  • Manual foot massage:

This is the simplest and most common method of foot massage, because it is very easy to do when using only your hands to perform movements such as massaging, gently stroking, pressing muscles and rubbing with pressure depending on user needs.

  • Foot massage with hot stone:

This is also the most used foot massage method, thanks to the heat of the stones being rubbed on your feet, helping your feet gradually warm up, creating a feeling of comfort and immediate pain relief. user.

massage chân bằng đá nóng

foot massage with hot stone

  • Massage your feet with warm water:

Foot massage with warm water is performed by placing the feet in a warm water bath and using manual massage methods to transfer pressure and relax the muscles in the feet.

Benefits that foot massage brings to you

Daily foot massage has many benefits for your health and relaxation. Here are some reasons why you should massage your feet every day:

  • Reduce stress and fatigue:

Foot massage helps relieve stress and fatigue after a long day or a lot of travel. It can help relax the muscles in your legs and increase blood flow, making you feel more relaxed and refreshed.

  • Reduce pain and inflammation:

Foot massage can help reduce pain and inflammation in the muscles and joints. It can reduce pain and stiffness in the leg areas.

  • Improve sleep:

Foot massage before going to bed can help you relax and mentally prepare for sleep. It can reduce stress and induce a state of relaxation and tranquility, helping you to have a better night's sleep.

  • Improve blood circulation:

Foot massage helps stimulate blood circulation in the legs and body, providing nutrients and oxygen to muscles and other parts. This can help improve circulation and make you feel healthier.

  • Increase morale:

Foot massage can stimulate postural points and trigger points on the feet, helping to boost spirit and energy. It can help you feel more alert and refreshed

What is a detox foot soak?

Detoxifying foot soak before foot massage is a commonly used method at spas. The foot bath process will remove toxins and residues accumulated in the body. Through foot bathing, harmful substances and toxins are released.


Regular foot massage will bring many health benefits. Foot massage can help relieve stress, relieve pain and fatigue in the legs, improve blood circulation, stimulate the nervous system, and promote relaxation and soothing. Please pay attention and take good care of your feet!