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What Is Reflexology Massage? A Foot Massage for Your Whole Body. Foot massage is a unique experience. The masseuse uses specialized techniques to gently massage, helping to reduce stress, stimulate acupressure points, and bring a feeling of lightness and comfort.

What Is Reflexology Massage? A Foot Massage for Your Whole Body

You might think reflexology is just another foot massage. But a reflexology massage uses an entirely different kind of technique from your standard massage session.

Reflexology relies on a believed connection between specific pressure points on the feet, hands, and ears and the corresponding areas throughout the body.

It’s a foot massage, but it’s not just a foot massage.

Reflexology aims to use these pressure points to help relieve tension and discomfort throughout the rest of your body.

Ready to learn more about how this massage technique works and what it does? Here’s your crash course in the art of reflexology.

What Is Foot Reflexology Massage?

Reflexology is a type of foot massage treatment in which a practitioner applies pressure to specific reflex points on your feet and, sometimes, your hands and ears.

Unlike a standard foot massage, which commonly includes different massage styles, rhythms, vibrations, and tools, a reflexology practitioner primarily uses their hands to apply firm, steady pressure to your feet. Their goal isn’t simply to massage your muscle tissue. Instead, they’re focused on applying pressure to specific points that may affect how the rest of your body feels.

Foot reflexology doesn’t treat specific medical conditions and it’s not a substitute for medical treatment. Instead, it’s a type of complementary therapy that may work alongside other treatments. At its core, a reflexology massage session is meant to relax you and help you manage stressful or uncomfortable feelings in your body by manipulating the corresponding points on your feet, hands, and ears.

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