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The massage stones used are basalt (volcanic rock), flat stones that are heated then placed on specific parts of the body. Therefore, Clover spa always chooses this stone because they retain heat very well and especially this stone is smooth and shiny which does not cause skin damage.





The process of consulting massage services at Clove Spa:

Step 1: The reception advises and invites guests to enjoy welcome tea

Step 2: Customers tick the health care paper

Step 3: Invite guests into the changing room and put away their belongings

Step 4: Steam (if requested by the customer)

Step 5: Foot bath for the treatment of medicinal herbs of the Red Dao people

Step 6: Hot stone massage 60 or 90 minutes

Step 7: Customers change clothes (bath if requested by customers)

End: Invite guests to have a snack according to the daily menu of spa

There are 2 Types of Hot Stone Massage at Spa

Hot Stone Massage

The stones are made up of volcanic lava that accumulates many minerals, applied to the body during massage. The energy source from hot stone combined with Swedish massage therapy and essential oils relieve aches and pains, energy transmission, body recovery.

Hot Stone and Herbal Massage

The combination of hot stones and herbs helps to relax your body in addition to relaxing and dispelling daily stress. Therapeutic massage combines many healing herbs and hot stones to melt away aches and pains, relieve stress.

The effect of hot stone massage

Hot Stone Massage is used to relieve pain and muscle tension, helping to increase blood flow to the affected area. Hot Stone Massage can also relieve muscle spasms and increase flexibility and mobility.

Hot Stone Massage can help you strengthen your immune system, especially Swedish Hot Stone Massage has a positive and acute impact on the body's immunity.

Hot Stone Massage can support elderly people with insomnia, thanks to the relaxing effect of back massage. People who receive Hot Stone Massage regularly always feel more awake after waking up.

When combining hot stone massage with some therapeutic essential oils, the energy from the stone will be maximized, helping to prevent and support the treatment of a number of common diseases such as spinal degeneration, nephritis, osteomyelitis. joints, depression...

Body massage

As a prestigious massage address in Da nang that is highly appreciated by domestic and foreign customers. Professional consulting and technicians will bring you complete relaxation and satisfaction with our massage service.